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    Has more than 10 product patents, invention patents and national explosion-proof certifications
    C type conductive bag

    C type conductive bag

    Product description

                                      C type conductive bag



    usePackaging of dangerous goods in chemical and pharmaceutical industries



    The conductive wire is woven in the cloth of the bag body and the sling, and combined with the use of the conductive film, the grounding of the conductive wire plays a conductive role. Effectively remove static electricity generated during loading and unloading to prevent dangerous situations such as combustion and explosion. It is mainly used in the packaging of dangerous goods in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
    Leak-proof sutures can also be added at the seam of the bag body. The inner surface of the bag body can also have a leak-proof layer (PE inner bag), which can also achieve the purpose of preventing leakage. Can also be used for powder and thick materials.

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