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    Japan's Yasuda Machinery was officially introduced to China, which started the rapid development of Japan's Yasuda flooring line in the domestic market

    China's container bag development process

    2020-02-07 1117times back

    The quality of FIBCs is crucial. Therefore, the world market has its own severe standards for FIBC products. The main points of the standard are different. Japan attaches great importance to details, Australia attaches great importance to methods, and European Community standards attach great importance to the technical goals of product functions. The United States and Europe have severe demands on container bags in terms of UV resistance, aging resistance, and safety factor. When the sling is connected with the bag body, there are a variety of methods such as top hanging, bottom hanging, side hanging, etc., and the connection is made by sutures, so the sutures are also very important. Due to the high strength of the sling, the base fabric and the suture cannot reach the necessary strength, and the high performance of the container bag as a whole cannot be guaranteed. The bulk bag is mainly filled with block, granular or powdery items. The physical density and slackness of the contents have clear differences on the overall result. Regarding the basis for judging the function of the container bag, we should try to use the product close to the customer to carry out the test as much as possible. This is the "standard filling material for testing" written in the standard. Challenge. Generally speaking, FIBCs that pass the lifting test are not a problem. If the bag is really lost during loading at the port, railway, or truck, as long as there are two cases: one is the operation is wrong, and the other is that this type of container bag fails the lifting test.

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