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    Japan's Yasuda Machinery was officially introduced to China, which started the rapid development of Japan's Yasuda flooring line in the domestic market

    Golden Diamond Container Bag Design Principles

    2020-02-07 789times back

    Design principles of golden diamond container bags: Design principles The design of golden diamond container bags must strictly abide by the national standard GB / T10454-2000. Container bags are used as export packaging to ensure that the exported goods effectively protect the loaded goods during the loading, unloading, transportation and storage processes, and that the goods are fully delivered to their destination. Therefore, the container bag design must meet four major points, namely safety, storage, usability, and sealability. 1. Safety Mainly refers to the strength of container bags. In the design, we must consider the packaging volume, the weight of the contents and the number of packaging units, as well as the distance of the transportation distance and the number of handling times, which means of transportation and transportation methods to use. In the GB / T10454-2000 national standard for container bags, the technical specifications for the base fabric and slings of container bags are strictly stipulated. From the perspective of safety, it is clear that all container structures are bottom-hanging structures. The safety factor must reach 1.8. 2. Keepability According to the user's use conditions, reasonable selection of materials and reasonable ratio. The anti-aging ability of plastic products in the sun is a more concerned issue, and it is also a problem often encountered in the actual use of container bags. Pay attention to the use of anti-violet agents and the choice of materials in the production process. 3. Usability When designing gold diamond container bags, we should fully consider the specific methods and methods for customers to use container bags, such as lifting, transportation, and loading material performance. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether it is food packaging, and it must be considered to be non-toxic and harmless to the packaged food. 4. Sealability Different sealing materials have different sealing requirements. For example, powder or toxic materials and materials that are afraid of being contaminated have very strict requirements on sealing performance, and materials that are prone to moisture or mildew also have special requirements for air tightness. Therefore, when designing the container bag, pay attention to the influence of the base fabric coating process and the sewing process on the sealing performance.

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