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    Japan's Yasuda Machinery was officially introduced to China, which started the rapid development of Japan's Yasuda flooring line in the domestic market

    Recycled plastic industry has become the current sunrise industry

    2020-02-07 845times back

    After technical innovation of products and industrial structure adjustment, China's recycled plastic industry has made great progress, and is developing in the direction of high quality, multiple varieties, and high technology. The market environment for recycled plastics has begun to appear. Recycled plastics can be seen in textiles, automobiles, food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields. In addition, a city consumes more than 10 tons of various plastic products such as plastic food bags every day. There is also a large amount of waste plastics that can be recycled in rural areas. China has formed a large number of collection and distribution centers for processing and recycling of used plastics. The future of the recycled plastic industry Optimistic. Of course, the current recycled plastics industry is still in the development stage and there are still some problems. Because recycled plastics come from a wide range of sources, including plastic films, plastic packaging boxes, plastic containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, plastic wires, etc., the quality is uneven. In the process of unified recycling and remolding, it may be due to differences in raw materials. As a result, new products have large performance differences between batches. In addition, the production of recycled plastics is more complicated and the production costs are higher, which leads to a price that is 30% -50% higher than the price of primary plastics. It is believed that with the further development of technology, the production price will gradually decline. According to Shangpu Consulting's "2013-2017 China Recycled Plastic Sheet Market Analysis and Development Prospects Research Report", recycled plastics are no longer considered to be inferior products and can only be treated as waste products or directly degraded, although they still exist. Poor stability and other issues, but because of its natural advantages of environmental protection, it has become more and more popular, and recycled plastic has become the trend of the plastic industry. Enterprises should firmly grasp the development opportunities, enlarge and refine the scale of the industry, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

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