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    Japan's Yasuda Machinery was officially introduced to China, which started the rapid development of Japan's Yasuda flooring line in the domestic market

    China's plastic processing industry has accelerated technological progress

    2020-02-07 528times back

    The plastic processing industry is a new manufacturing industry with plastic products as the core, covering raw materials, machinery, molds, auxiliaries, and scientific research. It is not only a basic industry of the national economy, but also an important civilian production industry. It plays an extremely important role in the national economy. . Especially in the middle and late stages of China's heavy chemical industrialization, with the improvement of technological level, plastics have become more prominent as a new material in the 21st century, and the status of the plastic processing industry as an emerging manufacturing industry has been further enhanced. The "Guiding Opinions on Technical Progress of Plastic Processing Industry" (2013 ~ 2015) (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") formulated and approved by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association this year pointed out that China's plastic processing industry has accelerated its technological progress in recent years and has initially formed Enterprise-oriented innovation system. However, there are still outstanding problems such as weak innovation ability and lagging standards. The initial formation of the innovation system The "Opinions" show that in recent years, China's plastics processing industry has accelerated technological progress, and an innovation system with enterprises as the main body has been initially formed. The industry's investment in science and technology continues to increase. Taking 2009 as an example, only large and medium-sized industrial enterprises invested 3.74 billion yuan in new product research and development, and the output value of new products reached 45.77 billion yuan. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the number of invention and utility model patents accepted and granted reached 22,976 and 12,968, respectively. Positive progress has been made in the formulation and revision of national standards and industry standards, reaching more than 300 in total. By the end of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the industry had passed 23 national technology R & D centers and 9 national innovative enterprises. The combination of production, education and research has been further strengthened, and the number of new products jointly developed by universities and enterprises has steadily increased. The number of universities that opened majors in polymer materials and processing has increased significantly, the number of scientific and technological achievements in container bags has grown significantly, and the results of scientific and technological achievements transformation have been remarkable.

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