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    Japan's Yasuda Machinery was officially introduced to China, which started the rapid development of Japan's Yasuda flooring line in the domestic market

    How to choose a container bag manufacturer with strength and peace of mind

    2020-02-07 1077times back

    One: Whether it is a direct manufacturer? First consider whether the company's products are produced by itself. The plastic weaving companies here in the Guangdong Pearl River Delta are generally branches or offices in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places. Some of them are agents. The company has also considered setting up a factory in Zhongshan, but the environmental protection level can never pass. Is it a real manufacturer, you can ask him where the manufacturer is, what is the address and phone number of the manufacturer (because we have to prevent some bad trades or agents receiving money to leave, or selling non-compliant container bags to You just ignore it, not to mention the after-sales service. At present, there are many manufacturers in China with strong capabilities in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, etc.), so you can call their factories to confirm that it is safer to have them A copy of your business license is retained. 2: Check the business license. You can ask the container bag supplier to show you the business license. The first is to see the registered capital. Of course, the more the registered capital is, the better. The second is to look at the scope of business. Two words, this company is definitely a trader, not its own production, of course, there is no way to guarantee you quality. Three: International standards and national quality certification to improve transaction confidence Generally, plastic weaving enterprises with large scales will basically have ISO international certification, the old certification ISO9001: 2000, and now the certification has been upgraded to ISO9001: 2008 international standard. Generally, large container bag factories have passed various national quality inspection inspection certifications. At present, only two common ones are mentioned. The first is the commodity inspection of ordinary container bags. According to the plastic weaving association, this general commodity inspection is domestically 60. % Manufacturers can do it; the second is the commodity inspection of dangerous packaging is also called dangerous package certificate, such dangerous package certificate commodity inspection in China only 10% of manufacturers have this qualification. 4: Whether the general taxpayer can issue a certain size plastic weaving enterprise on the value-added tax invoice, will become the general taxpayer in the tax department, the tax bureau is networked nationwide, whether this enterprise is a general taxpayer, from the issue of value-added invoices The code and invoice number can check the authenticity, which is also a symbol of strength. In addition, in recent years, some counterfeit general invoices provided by some container bag traders have been increasing, and some have been investigated and dealt with, and some buyers have also been punished by law. Shanglong reminds you: choose a real strength manufacturer to ensure your vital interests, please choose carefully!

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